Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sweet Day

Last Tuesday we went to Sweet Candy Company Factory.  We had a free tour and tasted yummy candy.  We couldn't take pictures inside the facility, but couldn't resist to take a picture of us in our hairnets that we wore during the tour (I did have my picture taken with my hairnet on, but thankfully it's on Darryl's camera, although I wouldn't have shown it to you anyways).  After the tour we went out to dinner at Chili's.  The girls were excited to eat out; we were too, because all three girls ate for free!  Then we headed for AWANA and Alice got to go to Cubbies, which she loved.  Us adults used our gift cards at Cold Stones and had about an hour of adult conversation.  I would say Tuesday was defiantly my favorite day of activities.

Note:  Chris had to wear a beard net because of his facial hair.

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Anonymous said...

Grammy says what a sweet place to go!. I'm glad you all had fun I
miss you all