Thursday, April 25, 2013

Twenty-seven Degrees

Late March we were told that Emma has scoliosis.  That was a loooong afternoon as I had to get groceries for my brother, niece, and nephew that were coming to visit that evening.  I couldn't call Chris without crying; this was not expected news as we had no idea.  I didn't want Emma to see me upset as she didn't really know what scoliosis is.  I did text my friend, which made me feel better.  Five hours later I was able to fall into my husbands arms.  

Chris and I were in disbelief as Emma's back changed so quickly.  We were finally able to see an orthopedic on Tuesday.  After the doctor examined nervous Emma he sent in an x-ray technician to take Emma down for x-rays.  When this giant young man walked in (the x-ray technician), nervous Emma looked right at me with her eyes saying I need you to come with me.  As we followed him down the hall, my nervous daughter reached for my hand.  I wish I could take her place.  

While in the x-ray room, I stayed near the office box so I could stay out of the way; I also had to step into the office box for protection during the x-rays.  I was watching them scan the x-rays to the computer.  An x-ray popped on the screen.  Even though I know what scoliosis is, I couldn't believe that was Emma's spine.

Later, when the girls were in bed, Chris and I were able to talk about the x-ray and all  the emotions that parents face when we can't reach into the situation and fix it.

We will see the doctor in 6 months, unless she has another growth spurt, to see if the 27 degree curve increases.  They usually don't do surgery until 40 degrees.  

This road of scoliosis is uncertain, but I do know that our Lord is in control.  He will be our strength.  

Emma's x-ray of her spine


Dannika said...

How scary! Emma will be in our prayers. I'm sorry that she, and you as her parents, have to go through this. My cousin Katie has scoliosis and has defied the odds the doctor gave her. She had to wear a back brace much of her high school years and it saved her from surgery. Hugs to you and Emma.

Mr. and Mrs. Williams said...

Thanks for directing me to your update on this. I'm glad to be able to pray for her. I'm so sorry though.