Saturday, April 25, 2009

Easter Hunts

Our church put on an Easter Egg Hunt the Saturday before Easter. We had over 1,700 eggs and around 75+ children. The picture shows the section of 6-8 yr. olds. You can see Emma and Madi to theleft of the tree. The eggs had verses in them. The children could memorize the verses and get prizes. We also had eggs that had a salvation message in them we handed out to children that didn't go to the church and also handed out reserection eggs to families that did not go to the church. The reserection eggs were a dozen eggs that tell the story of Christ. the youth group put 40 of them together along with handing out flyers in the neighborhood.

       Emma and Madi going through their Easter Baskets.


We got to have Easter Dinner with a family at the chruch, the Yearsly's. Joyce, the Mom, is Emma's Sunday School teacher and the Bible Study leader of My Wednesday Morning Bible Study. Besides having a wonderful dinner and fellowship time, she made the girls baskets and they got to go on a Easter Egg Hunt.

        Madi with an armful of eggs at the Yearsly's home.

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