Saturday, April 25, 2009

State Capitol Building in Salt Lake City, Utah (2)

There were no tours since it was the weekend. So we just walked around the main halls. On our way out to the front of the building, Keith stopped to talk to a worker, Morris. He offered to take us into the House Chambers, but before that he took us into the governor's ceremonial office, beyond the gates. It was absolutely beautiful! It even had silk walls. 
He then took us into the House Chambers on the main floor. We got to walk on the main floor, not the gallery where people usually observe. The girls and I read the name plates of some of the desks and walked up the isle.
Another picture in the House Chambers. The painting is of the first women voting in Utah.
This Gold room, where the dignitaries meet, was our last stop of our personal tour.  We were told this room was furnished for 6 million dollars. It was amazing as well. There was actually 24 carat gold plated decorations.

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