Thursday, April 30, 2009

Car Accident in June 2008

Since my first entry on my blog I have had questions about my car accident the girls and I were in. Last June, the above log trucked backed into us. We were both at a stop sign waiting to turn onto Main Street. A semi truck was turning from Main Street onto the road we were stopped on. The log truck backed up to give the semi truck room to turn. The log truck had no idea I was behind him. I tried to get the car into reverse, but I couldn't. I turned back to the girls (Madi crying loudly), and told them that it would be okay (I remember looking back sometime, but Emma told me it was during the accident). I leaned on the horn and prayed that the truck would stop. As the beam on the truck was impacting our window the semi truck saw us and waved to the log truck driver to stop. He fortunately stopped as the beam was seconds away from crushing me. The truck driver was very kind and felt awful. I could see it in his eyes as he came behind the truck and saw the truck on the car with a mom and two beautiful girls in the car. Madi was dressed in her tutu, hair pulled back in a bun, ready to go to her last day of dance for dress rehearsal.

The girls were seen for minor strains in their back and hips for about two months. I am still dealing with pain in my left shoulder and hip. I have one month left for treatment. This week I have felt my best since we have been in Utah.

The girls and I were in a minor accident the week we were leaving for Virginia in September. A Ford 150 backed into the passenger side, while I was driving behind him in a parking lot. We were fine; a huge blessing that no extra injuries were added. Again, was not my fault. Right after that accident, the girls both agreed that wasn't as scary.

Our car after the log truck backed into us:

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Christy said...

oh my goodness that is a very scary story.