Thursday, March 18, 2010

American Flag

Last month we had fun watching the 2010 Winter Olympics. It's hard to believe that the last Winter Olympics, Emma was 5yrs. and Madi 3yrs. This year, they enjoyed watching it with us. One the very first days that we were watching the Olympics, Emma decided she wanted to make an American Flag so she had a flag to carry behind her back when an American won gold. She made sure there were 50 stars and 13 strips on it. I should have taken the picture of it right away, because it since has gotten some bents and rips. A week or so later, Madi decided she wanted to make an American Flag as well, but hers to imitate the ones the fans use to wave in the stands.
Emma enjoyed watching the personal stories and the ice skating with me. Madi's favorite was the bobsledding, but liked to watch the ice skating as well. Emma kept track of who was who and remembered the names of the Americans that won medals more than me.
During the Olympics, we were walking by the boys clothes department, in Target, and all of the sudden Madi stopped us(someone behind us almost running into us) and cried out, while pointing to a picture of Shaun White, "it's the snowboarding boy". The girls thought that was the coolest thing.


Anonymous said...

Cool. love Hannah

Christy said...

adorable. I am impressed with Madi's ability to recognize the boarder. I would never be able to do that.