Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Star Student

Last week Madi was "Star Student" in her class. She got to fill out the following poster and tell her classmates about herself. She also got to bring something for show and tell (the only time all year they can bring something to school, so it's a big deal). I suggested a photo album and she chose the one Grammy made her. It tells all about her family and first year of life. Her classmates favorite picture was of her face full of cake on her 1st Birthday. At conferences, this week, Madi's teacher told us that she loved Madi's poster; she did such a good job.

note: click on the image to take a closer look

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Anonymous said...

My heart melted when I saw that Madi took her album that I made her
for her birthday. It made me realize that even though we are miles apart she still thinks of her Gramm