Friday, March 12, 2010

Went to the Zoo March 2nd

Last week the girls were off track and the sun was out, so we took the opportunity to go to the zoo with Michelle, Olivia and Brooklyn. Zuri, the baby elephant, was entertaining as her mom pooped on her and she decided to eat the poop. The cougar was up and wondering around, trying to get the bird that got too close to the cage. The cougars are usually sleeping when we visit, but the air was cool and it wasn't afternoon yet. We were excited to see how much the baby giraffe had grown. He has grown quit a bit, but still cute as can be. His fur is so soft looking and he has cute little whiskers on his chin. He even smiled for the camera, or was it that I caught him just right as he was eating hay.
Our next stop was the three baby tigers. The have grown the most. We stood there awhile as we watched them play. One of the baby tigers decided to lay in front of the glass where we were standing. Michelle was squatted down patiently waiting for him to turn his head so she could take a picture. The girls were so excited to have him so close to them. Then, all of the sudden, he turned, jumped and swatted at Olivia. All of us jumped backed. To bad someone wasn't video tapping us, I am sure it was humorous to watch. After we calmed down, we stepped back to the glass and he jumped up several more times, playing with the girls. I would have to say, that was the highlight of our day. I don't think we could ever get tired of the zoo.





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How fun.
Love Hannah