Friday, March 19, 2010


Last Friday, we went bowling; Chris had been off all week working in the basement (working about 6-8 hours a day, plus going to church, four out of six nights for meetings and events), so we thought it would be fun to go out and do something together as a family. Little did I know how much bowling was! The last time we went bowling was in Oregon, when the girls were 5 and 3 years old (with our church family). I know it wasn't $24, yes, that's right, I said $24. Twenty-four dollars for an hour of entertainment. We couldn't believe it! I do have to say, it was the nicest bowling alley I have ever been to, but still.
I also have to say, after we started bowling, that the time we got to spend together was priceless! We had a blast!

Emma remembered how to bowl; she did well.

Madi lifted her hand up after she let go of the ball, every time. Chris had to help her get her fingers in the holes the first couple of times.

Emma watched intently as Madi's ball rolled down the lane.

After Madi bowled, she was so excited and proud of herself, she jumped into Chris' arms. It was adorable.


Christy said...

i love to bowl. not so good at it but it sure is fun. not sure but I think there are cheeper places to bowl

Anonymous said...

Fun! I miss your family.
love Hannnah

Shanna said...

Holly, you were mentioning about how expensive bowling is. I recently posted a coupon link on my blog for free bowling day, Aug 7th. Wow, I didn't realize it normally costs that much either!


Mrs Sugar Plum said...

Thanks Shanna. Anytime we can do a free/cheep family time, helps out. I just finished printing the coupons.