Monday, April 12, 2010

The Aquarium

On Saturday, we went to the Living Planet Aquarium. It was a small aquarium, but very nice. We got a great deal.... Our church secretary gave me a heads up on a years membership to the aquarium. We spent $40.89 for a years membership for all 4 of us. If we went one time it would have been $32. This came at a good time, since our zoo membership is almost expired; it will be especially nice during the winter months.
Since we went on a Saturday, it was pretty crowded, but knew we didn't have to see everything since we have all year to explore. Unfortunately the camera batteries died soon after we left the Discovery Utah section. To see a map go to:, click on "exhibits" under "Things to see and do." We still got some good pictures....

The girls favorite animal to see were the penguins which are new to the aquarium. We got to watch them eat sardines. Hopefully we will get pictures of them next time.


Christy said...

how fun. Were the penguins exciting. I haven't seen them yet.

Mrs Sugar Plum said...

There were so many people it was hard to enjoy. The cute thing was when they were being fed, the person that was feeding them would push away some of the penguins that had their share and they would move away and then come right back.