Wednesday, April 28, 2010

AWANA Awards

Last night the girls received their awards for their hard work this year in completing their books....
Emma's year in AWANA was a good one. At the beginning of the year she didn't want to go to AWANA. It was a big change for her since this year she is at a new club and in her first year in T&T (Truth and Training grades 3rd-5th). As most of you know, Emma had the hardest time adjusting to our move to Utah and isn't as comfortable as she use to be in new situations. Slowly throughout the year she made friends and got use to the new program and now would say she likes it. She was able to finish her book and complete two silver sections. Good job, Emma! I am proud of you.

Madi is in her second year of Sparks (K-2nd grade). She fell in love with this club the first night. She LOVES the Director (Ms. Cassie). The Sparks theme this year was "God Made You Special." The Sparkies made a rock garden and prayer tree. They also made a Thankful Turkey and Madi made sure she put in prayer requests in their prayer jar. Madi finished her book (ribbon), book review (review patch), extra credit book (Sparky pin for the review patch), and two Psalm Stripts (2 pins that say the Psalms she recited. I put them on her pocket since they don't do Sunday School patches at this club). Good job, Madi, I am proud of you!

I couldn't resist sharing this picture. They are growing so fast. I can't believe how the years fly; I remember Emma's first year of Cubbies when she was three.


Christy said...

I remember when Bri was in awana's

mrsburleyford said...

I remember when JENN was in Cubbies!