Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trip to Boise

Last month we took 16 students to Acquire the Fire (a youth conference) in Boise, Idaho. The girls traveled up with us; my parents met us there and took the girls for the weekend. The girls had a blast. I'm thinking that my parents and brother did too. Thanks Mom and Dad.
The youth had fun as well. God is so good; some of what we have talked about recently in youth group was talked about that weekend. There were friendships formed as well.
The bummer part was Madi wasn't feeling good over the weekend. Especially Sunday. We stopped to eat for lunch and she wanted nothing to do with food. The students were eating red vines and I gave Emma one, but told Madi absolutely not, since her stomach wasn't feeling good. Emma started to give her one, and I sad no. Soon after we hit the road again, Chris called and told me to take the next exit; Madi just threw up. Emma had it in her hair; I felt sorry for Emma, but thankful the other youth in the car didn't get any on them. One of the students helped Emma clean up while Chris and I were cleaning up Madi and the car. We soon found out that Emma gave Madi a red vine in the car; at that moment I didn't feel sorry for her any longer (okay, maybe a little bit). She experienced the natural consequences of not listening to me. I don't think she will do that again.

Uncle Rusty and the girls hanging out in the hotel room.


Anonymous said...

I hope Madi is fin. I MISS YOU.
Love Hannah

mrsburleyford said...

That can be a good illustration for the girls that our choices/sin affect others (the mess in Emma's hair, the others in the car having to deal with the smell, etc.) It is easy to think, "it doesn't matter, it only affects me." Joanna