Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Date With Daddy

Last Monday I had a Women's Ministry Meeting and since there was no school, do to the holiday, Chris took the girls on a date. All three of them have been waiting to go see Up in the $1 theater and the day came just in time for their date. First they went to Chick-fil- A, sporting their football t-shirts to get a free chicken sandwich. After the movie, Chris took them to Barnes and Noble and read books with them. Their whole date cost them $3. I am so glad I married a man that loves his daughters so much, that even though he doesn't spend tons of money for a grand day, he spends that quality time with them that they thirst for. I wish he could here them throughout the week before, so excited to have a day with Daddy. Out of the three activities they did, I guarantee the most cherished for the girls, was sitting down with them in Barnes and Noble reading them stories. Thank you, Hunny, for being a wonderful daddy.

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