Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Little Soccer Player

Madi getting ready for her first soccer game.

Today Madi played in her first team sport. She is on a soccer team of 1st and 2nd graders. Our neighbor invited Madi to join a neighborhood team; Madi really wanted to play, so this is a early birthday present from us. Madi did a great job getting in there going after the ball. She did have a moment of playing in the grass with a fellow team mate. She also had three injuries. Thankfully she wasn't the only one crying from getting hurt. We need to work on toughness and playing through it, although the last incident looked brutal. She fell in pursuit of the ball and got trampled on. As I watched all these kids on top of her, I stood up, concerned, oh great, another broken bone. The coach went over to get her up out of the heard of soccer players; as he got her out and she started walking toward me, I knew she was okay. Thank you Lord, for protecting Madi today. Please give her the courage to get back on that field on Saturday with no major injuries.

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