Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Riddle

I have a riddle for you today:

How do you get Holly to empty boxes?
You flood the Garage.

I have to start with: it was 90 degrees on Monday and yesterday around 85 degrees. Today we woke up to snow in the mountains and it is suppose to get down to 33 degrees and snow here in the valley. This morning it rained; when I got home from Bible Study and errands there was standing water/mud in the garage. It went 3 set of boxes back, thankfully that wasn't the worst side. The other side of the garage had deeper water and went further into the garage, but thankfully nothing of concern got wet. When I moved everything out of the garage and swept the water out, it ran all the way down the driveway to our sidewalk. Thankfully it wasn't raining at the time and the girls and I were able to empty the boxes without getting soaked. There were some books that were minimally damaged. Three VHS were wet (including our wedding video), but no water inside the tapes as we can tell. And a electronic toy was wet, but still works. So now I have four boxes emptied and it looks like a book shelve exploded in my dinning room/kitchen.

Chris usually has a very busy Wednesday, but today he was able to hurry home to help. He ran to Lowe's to get a new rubber sealer for the bottom of the garage door, that we knew needed to be replaced. Chris and I attached it and put a tarp down were it still has light coming through. As Chris was coming inside it started to rain (with some snow mixed in).


Christy said...

hope that the repairs on the garage door work for you guys

Christy said...

Hi Holly,

You can put your videos and electronics in rice and it will help draw the water out. Good luck! Flooding is never fun.