Saturday, September 19, 2009


Yesterday, Chris, the girls and I, went to see Zuri the baby elephant. We were excited that Chris wanted to come with us. He is not a huge fan of going to the zoo so often as the girls and I do, but wanted to spend time with his ladies. Zuri was so cute to watch. We stood there for quit awhile watching her. We watched her nurse, play with balls, straddle the small ball, fall of the small ball, lay in the hay, walk through the hay, try to nurse again, lay down and stand back up, ect. It was like watching a toddler moving from one activity to the next. She looks so small next to her mom, but she was 251 pounds when she was born. It was worth the drive to see the adorable little Zuri.

Note: It's worth the time to click on each picture to see the details.

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