Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Puff of Mulch

Chris and I went to Lowe's to purchase some mulch plus a few other items with our 10% off coupon that expires soon. Chris was loading our flat cart using his casted arm. So I jump in to help. We dropped our last bag onto the cart and start to position it as a puff of mulch attacked my right eye (through my glasses with sunglasses, over top). It hurt so bad; I was flailing around. I told Chris I have it in my eye; which his response was, "what?" He tried to see the splinters, but they were too small. He decided to take me to the bathroom. As we were walking, Chris was caring my purse, glasses, and sunglasses, and I was holding onto him with my head down with my eyes watering and blinking trying to get the splinters out. An employee came to see if he could help. Instead of explaining were the bathrooms were, he escorted us, explaining that there was a unisex bathroom we could use. We tried using the faucet to flush out my eye, but the motion censor faucet was not the right shape to allow my head to fit under. So Chris ran out to see what our next option was. The drinking fountain was his thought. Great idea, except for the ice cold water that aggravated my eye even more. The employees and Chris were discussing what else they could do as I was drowning in the drinking fountain. The employees came up with two options: either take me to urgent care or possibly use the eye washer in the back. I informed them I was not going to urgent care because our insurance stinks. As one of the employees went to check to see if we could use the eye wash another employee ( a former nurse) told me to pull my top eyelid over my bottom eyelid. After the second attempt it worked! I wiped under my eye with my fingertip and there on my fingertip was a bunch of tiny splinters. It ended up that I could use the eye washer, but thankfully didn't need it. And another employee gave me eye drops after the splinters were out. My eye is fine, but still a little sore.


Lori said...

You people have the craziest things happen to you. Poor Madi. She'd better be on the lookout. The rest of you have had the most bizarro things happen.

I hear ya on the stinky insurance.

Christy said...

OUCH!!! That doesn't sound fun. I hate to say this but is Madi next. Seems like you are going through the family with accidents. I will Pray for Madi's safty and hope she doesn't have anything happen.