Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Perfect Day For Tea and Tissue

Let's just say these last two weeks have not been fun for me. We have had the stomach flu and now a cold. Of course everyone is feeling much better, except for me. Chris is at our church's Men's Retreat and the girls and I in our pajama's cuddling under blankets, blowing our noses and watching the snow fall outside. Although I know we live in the mountains, it is still amazing to look outside and see so much snow, especially growing up where snow was rare. If I'm remembering correctly, Madi was two or three when she saw her fist snow fall. Not to mention this is the second time this year it's snowed here and it's not even winter yet. I just have to say, I would like to have my first white Christmas. This will be the first year I will be away from my parents for Christmas; having snow would help a touch.

As I was finishing this blog Madi came in to talk to me and she put a smile on my face. She was sporting her too small for her pajamas and accessories. I thought a picture of her would be a perfect end to my blog, although for some reason it wasn't letting me put the writing in front of the pictures without deleting it, so I have to say it was a perfect beginning to my blog. Anyways, I put both pictures in because one shows the snow (notice the snow on the window) and one shows her outfit from head to toe.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures of Madi and the snow, however I believe that I like our little princess more than the snow any day. Good thing I don't live in West Jordan Utah eh?


Christy said...

hope you feel well soon

Shanna said...

I love these pictures of Madi. The sunglasses are great!