Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Morse Family Visits

Last Saturday the Morse family, friends from Springfield, Oregon, stopped by for an overnight visit on their vacation. The girls and I made a cake for Hannah, as we knew her birthday was coming up, and found out that the next day was MaryLynn's. So we got to celebrate two birthdays. We had a nice time visiting and the girls had fun playing. They got to come to our church the next day and then headed home.

Hannah and MaryLynn blowing out their candles

Jolene, Doug, Janel, Sher Madi, Susanna, Emma and Michael singing happy birthday to MaryLynn and Hannah

Susanna and Emma enjoying their cake

As I knew it was getting late, I went to suggest reading a book to settle down to bed, but the girls were already reading. Christina was reading to Hannah, Emma, Susanna, and Madi. Emma and Hannah slept in Emma's room and Christina, Susanna, and Madi slept in Madi's room. The rest of the Morse family slept in their camper parked in front of our house.


Doug said...

hay nice pic.:) Jolene

Christy said...

I enjoyed meeting the kids. They weere so adorable and polite