Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yesterday afternoon I was looking for something in the garage and came across a box that said "playroom toys." Since we were not the ones that packed our Oregon house, it is hard to find items and is very rare to find one that actually says "toys" on the box. I thought that the girls were playing nicely, especially since most of their toys that are unpacked disappeared into big black bags for awhile (to get rid of the lice). So I picked the box up and brought it into the house opened it up and dumped it in Madi's room, where they were playing. For the next half an hour or so I heard excitement over and over again as they found certain items as they were digging through the pile. It was delightful to listen to. Maybe instead of new Christmas presents, Chris and I should try to find another "toy" box and let them open it for Christmas (smile).

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SungAiza said...

Amen my queen...amen

BTW I read your blog today :)