Monday, November 16, 2009


Yesterday morning Emma was brushing her hair. I decided to put her hair up; I was in the process when I saw something crawling in her hair. Then I saw more. Gross! Trying to be calm and killing them with a tissue was difficult. Just to note, even when you are calm, bringing a tissue to someones hair killing bugs, still will freak them out. Let's just say, Emma was upset. I called my sister-n-law, Debra, who is a beautician. She told me some helpful things to do. I also talked to her about cutting Emma's hair. We were planning on cutting Emma' s hair when we go to visit. I had measured it a couple of weeks ago to see if it was long enough to donate to Locks of Love. I put it in a pony tail below her shoulders and it measured 11 inches. Debra said to go ahead and cut it, and she can trim it when we visit. My mistake was I started at her shoulder. I am guessing that I cut around 15 inches off, which was good, because it took me around two hours to fully decontaminate her short hair. Speaking of inches, I had to get around 5 inches of piled snow off my car before we could run to the store and buy the lice kit. I was nervous driving down our slight slanted driveway hoping I wouldn't slip as I knew there was ice. I parked on the street when we came home. Later that day, when Chris came home from the men's retreat and church, he shoveled our driveway. He did slip and landed on his hand that he recently broke (of course). It hurt enough he wanted to find his brace. Which says a lot since he didn't wear that thing very much. He is still sore today, but seams to be okay. I could go on and on about our eventful day, but I will close with this:
I spent from the moment I saw the lice (9-10ishAM) until 11PM disinfecting our hair and house. It was a lot of work and we are still washing. At this point, Chris, Madi and I didn't have any lice in our hair.


Christy said...

so sorry. Jess had lice a few years ago I found that the organic stuff worked the best. It is way more expencive but worth it. In a few day she will probably have some more lice again just becuase it's really hard to get all the eggs. I combed Jess' hair every few days after the second shampooing cuz I didn't want them to hatch. And it seem to work. We combed for about a month though. And no one else got it. It's hard work isn't it. My shoulders ached forever after all the cleaning.

Christy said...

oh one more thing. Through all my research I learned lice actually like clean hair. So I was told to style her hair with lots of hair spray and stuff and to use curling or straightening irons cuz they hate the heat. I did that too for a while.