Thursday, December 9, 2010


Madi turned eight last Thursday.  The only happiness I can find of Madi turning 8 yrs. old is I officially have no more children in car seats!  I've lived with car seats for 10 years!  The law is when you are 4' 9" or 8 yrs. old you are done with car seats.  Since Madi is 8 inches away from 4' 9" in height, she will be using a car seat until the seat belt doesn't hit her neck, but rests on her shoulder.  Don't want any beheading going on in my car! But legally done.
Since last week was the busiest week of the whole year, it was difficult to decide when to have Madi's party.  We chose Wednesday from 4:30-6:30PM.   Five out of six girls came.  I only knew of two that said they were coming, so that was interesting, but it all worked out...

Madi's 2nd Grade Friends

We had pizza, root beer (Madi's favorite drink she gets maybe three times a year), cake, ice cream, and [I threw in] carrots, grapes and milk for something nutritious. 

While the girls weren't eating or watching Madi open her presents, they were listening to Veggie Tales/Disney music, making funfusions and playing with Littlest Pet Shops.

If you look hard (or click on the picture), you can see that, right before Madi blew out her candles, one of the twirly bars (candles) fell off the cake and burned through two plastic table cloths; thankfully it didn't burn my fabric table cloth and burst into a bigger flame. 

Did I get any pictures of Madi opening presents?  No.  I was writing down what she got and Chris was video tapping her.  Unfortunately if I don't ask, he only focuses on the one in hand.  I equally take the blame.  But we did get a picture of Emma's tongue (smile).

Happy Birthday Madi!  I love you!

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Christy said...

Happy Birthday Madi. Cute cake!