Monday, December 13, 2010


Although the snow is mostly melted away, I wanted to share with you our four events that came out of the snow storms we had a few weeks back.

The first one happened about a week or so after Chris and I had to call 911.   That is all I am going to say about that.  If you want details on that event, contact me personally.  With that said, I was still extra sensitive to scary situations.  It was night time and Chris was at the church.  The girls were in bed and I was sitting on the couch doing my Bible Study.  I heard crunching sounds in the backyard.  Some one was walking through the snow in our backyard!  I flipped on the back light, but wasn't about to peak out to find a man standing there with a hatchet.  I prayed, gave it to the Lord and got back to my study.  A little later I heard it again.  Prayed more and decided I needed to take action.  At that time, it was a few minutes before 9PM and figured that Chris was almost done at church, so I gave him a call.  No answer.  So I gave a friend that was there a call.  No answer.  So then I called my neighbor.  No answer.  Then I called her cell.  She answered!  She was on her way to work, but called home and sent her husband over.
There was no one in the backyard, but there were a bunch of footprints.   We both knew right away they weren't human, because he sank in the snow, and the prints were shallow.  My neighbor got closer with a flashlight and said they were definitely animal prints.
The next day I went out to see these footprints.  Some of the prints, you could see paws.  Some, the leg imprinted into the snow as well.  The interesting thing was they weren't deep prints.  I'm guessing they were prints of a mountain lion.  Whatever it was, came in and out of our yard over the cement wall with the road on the other side.  We have had no snow crunching since.  

One of the days that it was snowing was a Sunday.  I don't like driving in the snow, but wanted to go to church, so the girls and I set off (Chris goes super early, so we don't usually go with him).  We saw cars on the side of the road and could tell the roads were slick, but I was going slow and doing okay.  One of the lights turned red as I was approaching, so I gently pressed on the breaks.  All of a sudden we are sliding across the lanes!  We were in the far left lane and ended up halfway into the third lane.  There was nothing I could do.  Thankfully there was no one in the lanes at the time.  So after we stopped, I backed up and got into the middle lane.  With my heart still racing, we made it to church.

Still another day, the girls needed to be picked up from school.  I jumped into the car and turned it on to get it warmed up, closed my door and scrapped off the snow.  I went to get back in and the door was locked!  Somehow I must of hit the lock (not automatic lock) when I was getting out of the car.  At that point it was about five minutes before the bell would ring.  So I ran in to call Chris (and the school).  He had to leave work and travel about 20 minutes to get them.
While I was waiting for everyone to get home, I decided to shovel snow.  A few minutes later our neighbor got her car stuck right in front of our house.  She couldn't go forward or backwards.  So her brother and I tried to push.  Nothing.  We shoveled the snow behind the tire.  Nothing.  Then another neighbor came out with a towel.  She helped me put it under the tire that was stuck.  We rocked the car a little so the towel was under the tire super good.  Then, as we were rocking the car again, the driver gave it some gas and went right over the towel.  Amazing.  So if you live were it snows, have a towel in the car.

Okay, my last snow story.  Another day, I went to pick up the girls from school, my car was having a hard time turning.  It sounded like the tires were rubbing on something.  We made it home and I got out to check.  There was ice packed in so tight that it was resting against the tires.  I grabbed our snow shovel and start chipping my way through the ice/packed snow.   I knew the girls were watching me, but didn't know that Madi wasn't paying attention and was too close to my shovel.  When I moved my shovel in a different position, I hit something behind me!  Madi!  I hit her mouth.  She was bleeding from the mouth and her tooth cut her lip.  Thankfully it wasn't too bad.  But I felt awful.

With all these stories involving the snow, you would think I already have a big dislike for the snow, as most people around here have.  I do still like it, as long as we are safe.

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