Sunday, December 19, 2010

Frozen Bananas

What happens when you leave green bananas in the trunk over night in 20 degree temperature?  They get completely black and hard as a brick.  The other day I did a bunch of shopping.  When I got home that evening, Chris came out and helped me bring in the groceries.  The next morning I asked Chris if he could grab me a banana as he was standing in front of where they hang.  As he turned I could see no bananas.  He went out in the cold and brought me my blackened frozen bananas.   I used a knife and cut up a frozen banana and ate it in my oatmeal.  None of the others survived.  From now on we will double check the trunk making sure the bananas and all other items are out of the trunk.  You would think we learned our lesson from last winter's exploding pop cans (see post: "Never..." February 1, 2010).

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