Monday, September 20, 2010

The Best Birthday

I have to say, I had the best birthday.  I have been alive for 33 years, so I don't quit remember every single one, but this one was a good one. I felt so loved. I got more cards, e-mails, calls/texts [through Chris] then I ever have. I even got a call from the youth group singing to me (we were in Oregon).  And got to be with family.  I also got my mom's peach pie. Yummmm! She made it on two separate occasions so I could have a half at each setting to equal a whole.  I was pampered with a pedicure from my sister-n-law provided by my parent-n-laws.  And many more wonderful treats that I could list, but I will stop here for now....

At my birthday party...

Auntie Anne and Madi enjoying the cake.

Emma is looking in between Dad and I and Alice is looking at my dad. Still cute picture.

Madi was all giggles with poping Lances mouth over and over and over and over again.

So on top of all the special attention, Chris surprised me with an overnight trip to the Oregon coast.  It had been over two years since we have stepped onto the beach and I was missing it.  We got to go twice as the next week we went with my family (which wasn't planned yet).  He spoiled me.  He bought me my favorite drink (Carmel Cold Rush), which we can only buy in Oregon, unless Chris makes it.  He bought me sea foam which I love, we ate at two of our favorite restaurant on the coast, and we had a beautiful view of the ocean from our room.   We also went to the outlet mall and walked on the beach.

My Handsome Man in Yachats, Oregon.  Yachats  is where we stayed our first week of our honeymoon almost 14 years ago.

One of my favorite spots at the coast is at the Adobe, where we stayed.  The beach is mad up of many tiny rock,shells, and wood.  If you didn't notice, this is my hand, not Chris' (smile).  I love running my hands through the many shells and rocks finding ones to keep for the girls.

As we were walking in Old Florence, Chris spotted our neighbors we had in Oregon.  Crazy we saw them at the coast.  It was good to see them.  

My Handsome Man in Florence, Oregon

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Christy said...

oh Happy Birthday. Sorry I forgot.