Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Fence?

On Monday as I was picking up the girls, I saw Emma's face all red and cut. I said, "What in the world did you do?" She replied, "I was being a 4th grader and ran into the fence. I had my coat on backwards and my hood was covering my face." Interesting. I can't imagine how much deeper this cut would've been if her face was not covered up, but on the other hand she probably wouldn't have ran into the fence. The first pictures was taken 4 hours after she ran into the fence. I should have taken a picture right after we got home; it was easier to see the cut. As the day went on her eye was continuing to swell.
God was protecting our girl as this cut didn't go through to her eye. She is still in a little pain, but is healing well.

Roughly four hours after she ran into the fence....

Four days later....

I didn't capture her eye on Tuesday when  it was the most swollen and bruised.  It's looking pretty good in this picture.   

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