Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tucson Visit

Although it was a quick trip to Tucson, it was a good time with family....
Avery (my cousin Michelle's daughter) and Madi posing at the house that some of us stayed at. Thursday night some of the family got together and had pizza. Although we were exhausted from a long day, it was a good time of fellowship.

Aunt Beth, Reese and Jaxon (my cousin Jessie's children), and Jessie hanging on the couch. It was so good to catch up with each other. And no, Aunt Beth and Jessie didn't plan to match (smile).

We had a good visit with Grandma.

Emma with my dad at the house we stayed at. My Aunt and Uncle's friends were out of town and offered us to stay at their beautiful house. There were 13 of us that stayed there. What a huge blessing this was to us. It gave us time together and helped out with cost of the trip. God is so good.

Emma had fun playing with Reese. Reese enjoyed Emma and myself playing Pat-A-Cake and This Little Piggy with her. She would have us do it over and over.

The cousin's with Grandma. From left to right: Jessie, Grandma, Me, and Sarah.

Although our trip was quick we got to see Grandpa Brackett and Aunt Linda a couple of times (on my dad's side); it was good to see them and enjoyed every minute we had with them. Just for note, Emma was excited she was getting close to being as tall as Aunt Linda and plans on being as tall as her the next time we visit.

I was able to show the girls where my Uncle Emro, Grandma Lucille, and Grandma Brackett was buried. Emma remembers Grandma Brackett (the girls were 5yrs. and 2yrs. when she passed). We had a few minutes remembering her at her grave site. Grandpa Cady was buried not too far away from this site.

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