Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It's been a challenge to see everyone we want to see when we visit Oregon.  This time was extra challenging due to girls being at camp the first week we were there and extended family coming through town the next week.  So we kept the knowledge of us coming quiet.  We had plans to see most everyone church and at a picnic.  Well that diddn't work out well, since the girls got lice (story to come) and some of our friends I thought would be at the picnic weren't there, but we did get to see some friends and had three other park trips with friends....  

Sabina, Jackie, Nicole, Me
Jackie, Nicole (high school friends) and their families came down from Portland to have a picnic lunch with us.  About 30 minutes before we were leaving to meet them, I discovered lice crawling in Madi's hair.  My loving husband sent me to see my friends as he stayed to combat the lice.  Although they were sad they couldn't see the rest of my family we had a good time.

Joshua, Madi, Emma

Shanna, Me
My friend, Shanna,  and I hadn't seen each other for three years or so.  We have been keeping in contact with each other's blogs and e-mail.  The girls, Aunt Debra, and I met Shanna and her three boys (girl on the way) at the park for a few hours to play.  It was fun to meet her youngest two in person.  The girls and Joshua had fun on the new play structure.

Madi, Brady, Ellie, Emma

We got to say hello and good-by to our good friends from River Road Baptist Church.  The week after we left Oregon, they moved to Washington.  We had a great time catching up with them.    

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