Friday, September 3, 2010

Oregon Visit with the McKinley's

The girls love to bake with Aunt Debra and Grammy.  They made Rice Krispies treats with Grammy and chocolate chip cookies with Aunt Debra.  

One nice thing about visiting Oregon in August is the [free] fresh blackberries.  We got to pick them with Auntie Anne and Uncle Darryl at Anne's parent's house.  Also in Grammy's back yard (see picture above).

The girls, like always, love to hang with Lance (Aunt Debra's boyfriend).  He gave the girls gecko shirts he designed.  Thanks Lance!

Can't get enough reading time in.  

August 14th, we went to Sahalie Falls and Belknap Spring with Grampy and Grammy.  We did some hiking and picnicking.  It's been around three years since we've gone up the McKenzie Hwy.  It was a beautiful day.


Last time we went to the secret garden at Belknap Springs, Grammy took a picture of me around this spot with Madi.  She was still in my tummy.  It was fun to take a picture at the same spot 7 years later.  Also to note, our family picture that is displayed on my blog was taken a few feet from this spot in the secret garden.

Grampy treated us to ice cream after our hike was over.  Yum!

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