Monday, September 27, 2010

Two More Trees

Earlier this month my friend Christy told us about trees that were on clearance (Thanks Christy). We went the next day and purchased a plum and apricot tree for around $7 each. Including our apple tree we planted this spring (see post in May, titled "Our Apple Tree"), we now have our three fruit trees in the backyard.

Madi has adopted the apricot tree and has told Chris that she will keep the fallen fruit picked up.

Both girls worked alongside their daddy picking up rocks and supplying anything he needed. He ran into some stubborn rocks that wouldn't come out until he hammered them out.

Emma standing proudly by her tree. The plum tree is nearest to the apple tree so she can take care of them.  I might have to show the girls this blog when they are dragging their feet out to pick up the fallen fruit from the trees to remind them their promise to Daddy.

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Christy said...

:) I can't wait until our trees produce fruit. Yum Yum. I am thinking just have the girls eat a piece of fruit before they go out to pick up the fallen. They will think it's so yummy and worth all the hard work they put in.