Tuesday, October 26, 2010

California Adventure

California Adventure...

While we were waiting in line to see the Aladdin musical, Emma and Alice were having a special moment.  Too cute.

Heimlich's Chew Chew train was a cute ride that the whole group could do.  While Heimlich eats through food, you can smell it.  Since it was fall there was candy corns at the end of the ride.  They smelled yummy.  I wanted to jump out of Heimlich and eat the candy corns. 

Looking at these pictures, I realized that Emma was a Grandpa hog.  
When I told her that, she just smiled.  
Notice Chris in the car behind Dad and Emma.

I felt sad for Madi; she didn't get to ride any rides with Grandpa, but on this ride she wanted wanted to drive herself.  


Christy said...

I haven't been to california adventure yet. looks fun. we almost went last time (1 1/2 years ago) Jeremy was so willing to buy the tickets but I said no. Mostly cuz I felt like it would be rude to ditch my family and cuz I knew we would have had to charge it and I hate credit cards.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Madi went with me on the bobsleds (Matterhorn)our very first ride. But, I didn't realize that she didn't get to go with me on any others until I read your comment. Madi did spend a lot of time walking with me though. What a great vacation! Your pictures capture a lot of memories!
Love, Dad