Monday, October 4, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

Last year was our first year that we didn't travel to a pumpkin patch.  I decided that we didn't need pumpkins and we could save money.  The girls were sad.  This year we decided to plant pumpkin seeds.  It was cheep and the girls enjoyed watching the pumpkins grow.  We were blessed with four pumpkins.  How fitting.  And each a different size that could easily represent each of us.  
Friday we decided to take a trip to our pumpkin patch and pick our pumpkins.  There was no hay ride or apples to eat, but we grew them and we got to pick them.  The girls had just as much fun. 
Emma discovered that the pumpkin plants are scratchy and that they each needed gloves to pick their pumpkin.


Christy said...

super cool. I can't wait to grow pumpkins next year. I am thinking about using R.A.Y. to help me out.

Dannika said...

What a great pumpkin patch!
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