Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Disneyland Birthday

During our fall break we headed to Disneyland.  My dad treated us to a Disneyland vacation.  Thank you Dad!  We had a great time!

My Emma Lane is 10 years old.  Her birthday was Wednesday, but we celebrated it on Friday.  She loved having a Tinker Bell Birthday at Disneyland.  The cupcakes were made by Daddy and Madi.  They didn't look as pretty as they did at home, but the frosting and sprinkles covered that all up.

To top off her Birthday, Emma got to meet her favorite Fairy, Silver Mist.

Many more Disneyland pictures to come....


Christy said...

way cute. glad you are home can't wait to see you.

Dannika said...

Looks like the best birthday EVER!! :)