Saturday, October 23, 2010

Disneyland's Fantasyland

I would have to say we spent most of our time in Fantasyland while visiting Disneyland...

After everyone got off Dumbo, Alice said she wanted to get back on.  Thankfully the next ride was the carousel.  

As Chris was off getting fast passes, on the first day, the rest of us went on It's A Small World.  It was different then 5 years ago.  They've added many Disney characters like Jasmin and Aladdin, Flounder, Woody and Jessie, Tinker Bell, Little Mermaid, etc.  They girls loved it so much we rode it as our last ride of Disneyland around 11:45PM on Saturday.  Chris wasn't excited to go on it, but did it for the girls.  I believe the repetitive music put me to sleep.

Uncle Rusty and Madi waiting for the rest of the group.

Out of four main fairies to join Tinker Bell on Friday, it was Emma's favorite fairy, Silver Mist.  What a special birthday she had.
Madi's favorite fairy is, of course, Tinker Bell.

Emma bought suckers for Madi, Alice and herself to eat during the parade.  Emma remembers eating a sucker given to her from a little girl sitting next to her during the parade five years ago and wanted to experience it again with Madi and Alice.  It kept them busy while we waiting in line to see the princesses as well.

I would have to say Snow White is Alice's favorite.  She wanted to visit her again on Saturday.

There were four cameras taking pictures of this moment and every one of these princesses are looking at a different camera.  Cute.

The girls enjoyed the fall decorations.

First thing on Saturday, Grandpa and the girls headed to Fantasyland.

I had to take the picture of this store's sign as the Mickey Ears say Alice on them.  Emma was the one that noticed it.  Alice's Minnie Mouse hat (like Emma's) was bought here.  And Emma got her Minnie hat at Mad Hatter when she was the same age as Alice (3 yrs.).  Madi and I bought it for her while Emma was on Dumbo with Chris.  Another fact from 7 years ago (in January), Emma was so distracted from being at Disneyland she peed her pants on Dumbo.  I discovered her wet paints as we were taking pictures in the Dumbo by the Dumbo ride.  Sorry to whoever sat down after her.  

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