Monday, October 25, 2010


We interrupt these Disneyland trip pictures, for a weather update.  Last week it was beautiful, short sleeve shirt, sunny weather.  Friday it started to change.  Saturday it was cold and rainy.  I turned on the heat for the first time since last winter.  It didn't work?  We made it through the night.  Sunday I was freezing.  It was 55 degrees in our house and I was bundled up and still cold.  At one moment I thought my nose might fall off.  Chris got home that day, from our church's men's retreat.  He tried to turn the heat on as well.  Nothing.  We called our friend that knows about that stuff and thankfully he came over to see what he could do.  After three seconds he got it to work.  Thanks John,  you are a genius!  Although our furnace is failing and not working completely right, we are warm.  He also fixed our fireplace that has never worked.  A bonus was, I was finally able to clean the outer shell of it, while he was fixing it.  It works and looks nice (smile).
Before John came and fixed the furnace, Chris was downstairs trying to get the furnace to work and as he was downstairs he saw a puddle of water in our unfinished office where we have our Internet boxes plugged in.  The puddle was heading toward our freshly painted baseboards laying on the floor and the water was also going up the wall.  Chris quickly got towels and cut the wall before the water went any further.  Thankfully the floor molding will cover up where he cut.  It seems that water was leaking through the window.  Chris also covered the window well.  We thankfully have new windows coming in a week.
Both girls ended up on our bedroom floor last night as there was a loud storm.  It left snow on the ground.
Our first snow of the season.  

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Christy said...

I agree John is an awesome friend!! WOW I can't believe what you are going through with that house!!! So sorry