Sunday, October 24, 2010


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Rusty and Mom on the Mark Twain Boat

Main Street

Here is where I talk about how wonderful Disneyland was to us.  With Rusty anxious with crowds and stairs, they took all 10 of us with him on different rides that he needed assistance.  Did you know that Autopia has an elevator lift that Rusty and Chris went down while the rest of us went down the stairs and met them?  It was wonderful to stay all together.  And they didn't make us attempt to get him up the stairs at the Aladdin production.  It helped us make our trip a Rusty stress free trip.  Those are just two examples.  Rusty had a great time.  Saturday morning he wasn't too happy (and the day before, after he met Pooh), but Mickey Mouse made it all better.  Seriously, he did.   After that Rusty gave Minnie a great big hug.

I also have to say, I am, at this point, afraid of getting in the car when Madi is driving it.  I was Madi's Autopia partner and was jarred abruptly.  Darryl and Mom where laughing as they saw the whole thing from behind.  Let's just say, we didn't make it the whole way with Madi steering.  And Chris is going to be with Madi the first time she gets behind the steering wheel in our car.

Are the guys going to ever get off Indiana Jones so we can go in the Jungle?

Disney's Celebrate! Street Party...

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