Friday, July 2, 2010

Ant, Moon, and Earth

A couple of weeks ago, Emma and Madi had their class plays at school....

Madi and her classmate, Emma, were ants in a play called "What Do You See?" Their line was: "the world is big." Madi was adorable. Her whole class did a great job.

Emma was the moon and earth in a play called "Vacation on Mars." She had two lines and was in a trio for the moon. Her lines were: "Of course I don't, I'm the moon" and "it all depends on how much of my reflection you can see." She also had a solo as the earth. As you can see they let the students hold their scripts. Most of them didn't need them. Emma definitely didn't need them as she had most every one's lines and songs memorized. She sang her solo (holding the script, but not looking at it) well. I even had a tear in my eye as I watched my earth sing. Good job, Emma.

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