Friday, July 9, 2010

Last Day

On June 30 our zoo membership was up. Thankfully we had my parents visiting, so we went to the zoo one last time. Of course we will go to the zoo again, but not buy a zoo membership for a few years. We definitely made many memories with many friends and family. As you can see by all my pictures throughout this last year, we always saw new and different animals.

My brother Rusty, Dad, Madi, Emma, and Mom posing in front of the giraffes.

The red panda is usually so far up in the tree we can't see it. The last two times we went, it has been low enough to see. Just to note, we went to the zoo the Friday before this day with one of our sweet teens from our church; I didn't have my camera.

What a perfect pose. The crocodiles are usually hidden in the water. This one was sunbathing today.

I can't get enough of adorable Zuri who, by the way is almost 1 year old. When we first came up to see Zuri, she was taking a nap. Then on the way out we took a peek at her again and she was attempting to drink water. It was adorable as most of the water dripped out of her mouth. Even how she was standing with one foot forward was adorable.

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Anonymous said...

How fun. Can't wait to see you at camp. Miss you. love Hannah