Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Painter

Chris has been a busy man this week, painting every chance he gets. We finally picked all of the colors. I am glad that is done. It can be overwhelming with all the choices. And it's not like I can change the color easily. The girls playroom we painted yellow (Summer Wish). It is bright like the sun in that room. The guest room we painted light blue (Crystalline). The office/scrapbooking room we painted the same off white (Cincinnatian Hotel Hannaford) color as the girls bathroom. The exercise room we painted light green (Pale Jade 1) with a darker green (Pale Jade 2) for the accent wall. We also decided to paint accent walls in the family room the same green as our kitchen.

As you can see, Chris gets painted as well as the walls when he uses the sprayer. Click on the pictures to see up close how much paint is really on him. The ear picture is a must see up close (smile). The colors he is wearing are the off white and yellow....

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