Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bike Rides Galore

Last summer we didn't ride bikes much. Emma's leg was healing (broke her leg in three places in Spring 2009) and was too nervous to ride, so the girls mainly rode their scooters. Emma grew quite a bit since she's been on her bike; when she got on it this spring she looked like a giant.
This spring I have been shopping for a used bike for Emma. Hadn't found anything. When my parents got here, I had told them that it would be great if I found a bike while they were here so we could use their Suburban. First day they were here, we found one. It is a used Trek. She has been going on bike rides with my dad the last two weeks. Speaking of bike rides, she just got back from one with Chris.
Madi got Emma's old bike; it fit's her just right. Dad, Chris and myself have been helping her learn to ride with no training wheels. She is doing great. She just needs to grow her arms a tad longer and get a little stronger so she can break. Just a minor detail.

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